The story

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house-art-rooster-exclusive-art-Page-44The Christmas Pirate holiday children s book is not what most people expect with this type of title. There are no gun battles, or sword fights, rather the story was crafted to pull from children s imagination to build the scenes in their own minds which can be supported by the photos of the Caribbean from long ago. Additionally, this story depicts a play on words reflecting how Kris Masterson got his name as The Christmas Pirate.

Initial reaction from academic leaders show this book fits very well into children s reading development. The Christmas Pirate children s holiday book is about how a young boy named Kris Masterson follows his dream to become a captain of his own ship just like his father before him. Once he becomes a young man, Kris embarks upon his journey and finds himself on course for an exciting adventure. Along the way he meets some great people, and makes a promise which leads him to be coined The Christmas Pirate.

  • Reading level Lexile score 810L
  • 80 pages Large font for easy reading
  • Wonderful supporting color images of the Caribbean